Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs will help you get an idea about NOBA Australia's MCQ NCLEX-RN and OSCE Preparation Programs. Most questions are related to the structure, fees, location and what happens after the MCQ NCLEX-RN and OSCE exams.

Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) NCLEX-RN Exam

What is the entry requirement for the MCQ NCLEX-RN Exam preparation program?

You must be an internationally qualified nurse. We strongly recommend participants to complete the self-check and at least have the confirmation from the IQNM exam team confirming eligibility for MCQ granted. You do not have to have the NCLEX-RN exam date confirmed prior to enrolling to this program, however we do recommend you to have an authorisation to test (ATT) approval issued by the IQNM exam team.

Can I enrol for the MCQ NCLEX-RN preparation program before I register for the MCQ exam?

Yes, you can. However, we strongly recommend you to register for your MCQ exam prior to enrolling for the MCQ preparation program. Content will be available for you for 6 months, so ideally you should be undertaking the exam within 6 months of completing the course in order to better prepare yourself.

Does this preparatory program guarantee that I will pass the MCQ NCLEX-RN exam?

No, there is no guarantee that you will pass the MCQ NCLEX-RN exam upon completion of this preparation program. However, NOBA will ensure you are getting the best support and access to resources that will assist you during the exam, including exam strategies and exam content.

How long will it take to complete the MCQ NCLEX-RN Preparation program?

The MCQ Preparation program is an eight-week online course. There will be two live sessions every week (during the eight weeks) to consolidate your knowledge.

Program content can be accessed 24/7 via our Learning Management System (LMS). The program content and recorded sessions will be available to all students for six months from their commencement date.

How can I pay for this program?

The MCQ NCLEX-RN program fee can be paid via credit card or bank transfer. If you reside in Australia, you may be eligible to pay via weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments. Please contact our office to find out more information on payment plans.

How do I register for the MCQ NCLEX-RN exam?

According to AHPRA, candidates will be directed to the NCLEX-RN registration site via the link on their IQNM dashboard. Registrations are open for 365 days once submitted.

Payment of the exam fee is to be made online. Current fees for the MCQ NCLEX-RN are as follows:

  • Registration fee: $ 200 USD
  • Additional International Scheduling fee: $ 150 USD

Do I need to be in Australia to complete the MCQ NCLEX-RN exam?

No, Pearson VUE has exam centres around the World. Once you log into your Pearson VUE account, you will be able to choose the test centre closest to where you live.

Please be aware that you may be required to travel to be able to attend the examination. Travel expenses are not included in the exam or preparation program fee.

AHPRA recommends that candidates should not book travel until they have received confirmation that their examination is scheduled from Pearson VUE

How long does the exam take?

Candidates have up to five hours to complete the MCQ NCLEX-RN exam. Total exam time includes an introductory screen, two pre-programmed optional breaks and any unscheduled breaks you may take.

How many questions will there be?

Candidates will need to answer to a minimum of 75 and maximum of 145 questions to complete the exam.

How long to get the results?

Results are sent to candidates within six weeks of their examination date. A formal notification of the result will be emailed to candidates. Email will also outline next steps in the IQNM journey.

If I don’t pass the exam, can I re-sit the MCQ NCLEX - RN at no extra cost?

According to AHPRA, candidates who fail their exam can apply to re-sit the exam as soon as they receive their results. Candidates will be required to pay the fee again and they will need to be authorized to test for a second time. This can take up to 4 weeks to be completed. Your new appointment must be schedule at least 45 days from your previous exam.

What is the next step now that I have passed my MCQ NCLEX-RN?

You will receive notification from AHPRA of the next steps. AHPRA will notify you of the dates available for the OSCE examination.

Remember, when booking your OSCE exam, make sure you allow enough time to travel to Australia for exam.

NOBA also offers a preparatory course to prepare you for the OSCE exam. For more information on fees, course structure and duration, please contact the NOBA team on: [email protected]

I have passed the NCLEX-RN US in the past. Can I use my results and proceed to OSCE?

You must contact AHPRA. They will determine whether you will need to re-sit the MCQ NCLEX-RN or not.

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) for RN's

What is OSCE?

OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) is the practical examination that internationally qualified registered nurses (IQN), who are seeking registration in Australia, must pass as part of the OBA process.

The OSCE is a behavioural assessment which will determine if the IQN demonstrates the necessary knowledge, skills and competence to become a registered nurse in Australia.

How do I register for the OSCE exam?

You must pass the NCLEX-RN exam first to be eligible for the OSCE exam. Once you have received your results from AHPRA, your OBA dashboard (AHPRA website) will then advise if you are eligible and invite you to submit a payment for the OSCE.

Candidates must pay the $ 4000 AUD fee for each examination sitting and the fee must be paid before you can book the OSCE date. Within 5 days of payment, candidate will receive an email from the exam team with two dates that are available to book.

Places are given on a first come, first paid basis, so if you delay to reply to the exam team, you may risk missing out on a place.

What if I need to change the date I chose?

If you need to change the examination date or time, please contact the IQNM exam team at [email protected] or on 1300 419 495 at least 3 full business days before the scheduled exam date and time.

Please note: leaving a message does not constitute giving the required notice. Appointments should only be considered cancelled or rescheduled when you receive a confirmation by the IQNM exam team.

If you fail to arrive at your appointment or if you fail to reschedule/cancel an appointment, your fee will be forfeit and you will be required to pay another exam fee.

What does the RN OSCE examiner assess in relation to communication?

Full range of communication skills;

  • verbal
  • non verbal
  • written
Nursing documentation in each station

Does the RN OSCE involve real patients?

The patients involved in each case will be acting as patients (simulated patients) in many of the stations. Where a manikin is used as a patient, it is essential that you demonstrate a level of empathy and interaction.

Where is the examination centre located?

Adelaide Health Simulation (AHS) is located within the University of Adelaide in South Australia. AHS have two separate locations where the examination may be hosted. At this stage, there are no other examination centres in Australia.

How long does the exam take?

The OSCE consists of 10 stations, with each OSCE station running for 10 minutes: 2 minutes reading time and 8 minutes performance time. Candidates should arrive no more than 30 minutes prior to the time advised their registration opens.

Once candidate has progressed through all 10 stations, the examination will finish and candidate will be asked to leave all equipment (including notebook and ID card) outside the station. Candidate will then listen to the post examination briefing and escorted from the building by the AHPRA invigilator.

How long to get the results?

Results are released within 8 weeks of the examination date. Candidates will receive an email communication which will include a formal notification of results and the next steps to be undertaken.

If I don’t pass the exam, can I re-sit the exam?

According to the NMBA, unsuccessful candidates will be able to re-sit the OSCE, however they must pay another OSCE fee via the IQNM dashboard. Candidiates must wait at least one exam cycle to book the OSCE again.

What is the next step now that I have passed my OSCE?

Candidates who successfully pass the OSCE will be able to progress with their IQNM journey and apply to AHPRA for registration with the NMBA. The candidate’s dashboard will be updated once results are released with the next steps in relation to the process.

How long will it take to complete the OSCE preparation program?

Our program will be delivered over four weeks at our Myrtleford campus in Victoria, Australia.

How can I pay for this program?

The OSCE program fee of $ 5,000 can be paid via credit card or bank transfer. If you reside in Australia, you may be eligible to pay via weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments. Please contact our office to find out more information on payment plans.

Where will I study this program and how can I get to campus?

The OSCE preparation program is delivered at the Myrtleford campus.

Myrtleford is a town in northeast Victoria, Australia, 280 km northeast of Melbourne (3 hours by driving) and 46 km southeast of Wangaratta (40 minutes by driving). Myrtleford is part of the Alpine Shire local government area.  

Students flying into Melbourne International Airport (Tullamarine) can take shuttle buses (called Skybus) to get to Melbourne CBD. Buses operate 24 hours a day and tickets can be booked either online (www.skybus.com.au) or from the ticket booth (outside the Arrival Terminal)


Students travelling from Melbourne to Myrtleford can travel by train (or bus) or car. VLine train tickets (Albury – Wodonga Line) can be pre-booked online (Vline.com.au).


Students who book accommodation through NOBA Australia will also have their travel arrangements from Melbourne to Myrtleford and back to Melbourne arranged by us (fees will apply).

Do I need to arrange my own accommodation?

Accommodation can be arranged by NOBA Australia to all students (fees will apply). The option to arrange their own accommodation is available for students; however we encourage students to book their accommodation through us, due to logistics and costs reasons. All our properties are located within walking distance from our campus.

What does the accommodation look like?

Accommodation will vary from onsite nursing quarters to local housing or motel properties but each of the styles of accommodation includes the following:

  • Single bedrooms or twin share with linen and bedding provided
  • Shared bathroom, laundry, lounge and kitchen facilities with equipment and utensils provided

How much does it cost for accommodation, and what does it include?

We charge $ 1400 per person. This fee includes:

  • Trip from Melbourne to Myrtleford and back to Melbourne by train/bus;
  • Private transfer from Myrtleford bus stop to the accommodation site;
  • Four weeks of accommodation in a private room in a fully equipped and furnished shared house.
  • Linen;
  • All utility bills (electricity, water, gas);
  • Most cleaning products;
  • Wi-Fi.

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