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About Alpine Health

Alpine Health is North East Victoria’s largest rural focused Health Service and the largest Multi-Purpose Health Service in Australia. We have a reputation for providing acute health, residential aged care, community health services and education and training in an innovative, flexible and responsive way.

Alpine Health provides education and training services to over 500 students each year. Our focus on education and training is designed to place qualified, work ready students directly into the health workforce, and in this endeavour we are very successful.

Alpine Health’s education and training meets a broader set of needs beyond workforce supply.  We believe that health education and training is in itself a health improvement strategy providing pathways to build skills and knowledge; establishing opportunities for people to contribute to the communities in which they live, and establishing employment and income security.

Our Experience 

  • For the past 10 years, Alpine Health has actively supported internationally registered nurses in their journey to gain registration in Australia through the delivery of the IRON and EPIQ bridging programs.
  • We are the only Australian health service that is also an education and training provider with a direct focus on registration and employment of internationally qualified nurses. Our focus makes us uniquely qualified to deliver preparatory and work readiness education directly tied to the provision of healthcare needs.
  • As a Health service provider we have strong partnerships with other local and state health providers as well as a broad Australian health sector network. These relationships will expose you to a range of healthcare employers and opportunities to suit your individual needs.

Healthcare Partners

Northeast Health Wangaratta logo

Northeast Health Wangaratta

A specialist referral hospital for the Central Hume area of North East Victoria servicing the healthcare needs of over 90,000 people in the region. Services includes Emergency Department service and a range of healthcare services such as acute, sub-acute, paediatrics, obstetrics, special care neonatal, critical care, dialysis, day stay, oncology, adult psychiatry, aged care, allied health, and a wide range of community-based programs.


beechworth health

Beechworth Health Service

Beechworth Health Service is a small rural health service providing a range of services including urgent care, acute, sub-acute, residential aged care, primary and community and home-based services within the Indigo Shire.


benalla health

Benalla Health

Benalla Health offers community health, aged care, education, and acute services to the Benalla Community including medical, surgical and midwifery in the Benalla District.


mansfield district hospital

Mansfield District Hospital

Mansfield District Hospital provides a range of services including urgent care, acute care, residential aged care and home and community based services in in Victoria’s spectacular High Country


yarrawonga health

Yarrawonga Health

Yarrawonga Health a fully integrated rural public health service and provides a range of urgent care, acute care, residential aged care and a range of community and home based services to the Yarrawonga border communities.


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